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All IELTS research activities are co-ordinated as part of a comprehensive and coherent framework for research and validation of the test. A major component of this framework is the IELTS Joint-funded Research Program which is sponsored jointly by IELTS Australia and British Council with support from Cambridge English Language Assessment.


The IELTS Partners can offer support for students and external researchers who are engaging in IELTS-related research projects e.g. access to materials and /or test data, where appropriate.


Any enquiries about this type of assistance should be addressed to one of the partner organisations. Each request will be considered individually and take into account confidentiality, security and the amount of resources needed.

The Caroline Clapham IELTS Masters Award is awarded annually for the Master’s-level dissertation or thesis in English which makes the most significant contribution to the field of language testing. View the grants and awards page for information on more awards.


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