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IELTS teachers have an important role to play in preparing students for their test. Below you’ll find information on teaching, resources, and opportunities designed for both new and existing teachers alike.

Learn more about IELTS, access resources to help you with test preparation, and find out about professional development opportunities.


I love teaching for IELTS as I can make my classes more interactive.

Erika Tennant, IELTS course teacher, Australia

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Why teach IELTS?

By teaching IELTS you can help people develop the English language skills they need to achieve their dreams to live, work or study abroad. IELTS is the most popular test for those looking to migrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK with millions of tests taken each year.

Rewarding and fulfilling

Watch your students develop their language skills and build their confidence to communicate effectively and reach their goals.

Global opportunities

We deliver IELTS in over 4000 test locations in over 140 countries which means you won’t be short of teaching opportunities. IELTS can help you explore the world.

Professional development

By teaching a range of students and different stages of their IELTS journey means you can develop your teaching skills and improve your future career prospects.

Peer to peer support

Access our global network of IELTS teachers to seek advice and support from peers with a range of experience.

Research opportunities

Every year we offer a range of grants and awards for those in the field of language learning and education. Most applications are open from April to June.

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IELTS scoring

IELTS results are scored on a scale 1-9. Results are given as an overall score on the IELTS scale, and broken down for each test section (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking). The score that your students need to achieve will vary depending on the individual institution requirements.

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Teaching resources

We are keen to support IELTS teachers to help their students achieve the success they deserve. That’s why we provide resources, materials, and interactive tools to help teach your students with confidence.

IELTS Morgan Terry Scholarship

IELTS Morgan Terry Memorial IATEFL Scholarship

This scholarship recognises those who create learning resources to help IELTS candidates prepare for their tests.

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The tests

We offer two IELTS tests. IELTS Academic is suited to those who will be entering a higher learning environment, whereas IELTS General Training focuses on a test taker’s proficiency in a practical, everyday context.

All IELTS formats include a face-to-face Speaking test with a qualified Examiner. We believe this approach allows institutions and employers to identify test takers who can communicate effectively in English.

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How to become an IELTS examiner

If you'd like to become an examiner, there are many professional development opportunities available for IELTS teachers.