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IELTS for your sector

World leaders in English language tests.

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IELTS for higher education

Looking to verify the language proficiency of potential students? IELTS is trusted by universities, colleges, and academic institutions across the world to help process applications.

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IELTS for immigration

IELTS is the only test that is trusted for migration purposes by all four of the Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, and UK governments.

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IELTS for professional associations

IELTS works with professional associations, peak bodies/trade associations, and regulators to ensure that potential members are proficient in English at all levels.

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IELTS for employers

If you operate in an English-speaking environment, IELTS can help you to identify global applicants who have the language proficiency to succeed in your industry.

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IELTS for teachers

Teachers play an integral role in getting students ready for a test. Here you will find information and resources on everything from research to professional development.

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