How quickly can I get my IELTS result?

Find out how quickly you can get your result, how long you'll need to wait, and where to find your score

IELTS gets you fast results so you can follow your ambitions

Millions of people take IELTS each year. We know that your result is important: you may want a place at university, a visa, a new job, or to start a new life abroad.

We want to help you get there quickly. And now, getting an IELTS result is faster than ever!

The fastest way to get your result is to take an IELTS test on a computer in one of our test locations around the world.

We work quickly to check your answers, confirm your identity, and give you the right score that opens up opportunities.

Most IELTS on Computer results are now issued within 2 days

  • Globally 80% of IELTS scores are available within 2 days*
  • About half are ready within only 1 day

*Based on global test data, May-June 2024. We will update this page as IELTS results continue to get faster and faster.

How can I find my result?

I haven't got my IELTS result yet. What's happening?

Your test is marked very carefully, and we want to make sure that you get exactly the right result. Sometimes we might need a little longer to check. This is to ensure that your score is correct. We also thoroughly check ID details so that institutions know it was you who took the test.

You can trust that when you get your result, more than 12,500 organisations around the world will also trust your result. IELTS can help get you where you want to go!

Speed of results depends on the test

The fastest way to get your result is to take IELTS on Computer.

  • IELTS on Computer: results usually within 1-2 days
  • IELTS on Paper: results within 13 days
  • IELTS Online: results usually within 6-8 days
  • IELTS for UKVI Life Skills: results within 7 days

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Need help?

If you have any questions or problems, please contact your test centre for support. You can find more details in your booking email confirmation.