For more than 30 years IELTS has set the standard for English language testing across the globe.

Quality and fairness

IELTS has a well-earned reputation for fairness and reliability. It does not matter who you are or where you are from, we treat every test taker equally.

Systems and safeguards

IELTS has the highest quality controls, enhanced security procedures, and integrity management practices.

Professional assessment

Every test is assessed by qualified Examiners who undergo rigorous training and continuous monitoring.

Reliable results

Selected results are marked twice to ensure that wherever you take your test, your scoring is reliable and consistent.

Years of global expertise

Our co-founders have almost 250 years’ experience of delivering tests, English, and support around the world.

Practical skills

Our tests are designed to test practical ability in English – to help you prepare for study, work or life in your new country.

Led by research

Backed by years of research, our tests are carefully reviewed to ensure that everyone can do their best.

The world’s test of choice.
people take an IELTS test every week.

Our promise to you

IELTS understands that it is more than a test, it is an opportunity to help achieve your goals. That is why we work tirelessly to ensure that everyone is fairly, honestly, and accurately assessed.

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