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IELTS Trial Test

Unlock your IELTS success with the Trial Test experience

Are you getting ready for your IELTS test and want to ensure you're fully prepared for success? Look no further! The IELTS Trial Test is a free familiarisation test you can take at a participating official Trial Testing location.

The IELTS Trial Test is available for the Listening, Reading, and Writing sections of the test, and is offered for IELTS on paper for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

Reasons to take an IELTS Trial Test

  • Get valuable test day experience. Trial Tests are held at official participating locations and are delivered under timed test conditions that are similar to the full IELTS test. This means that you will get valuable test day experience.
  • Boost your confidence. By taking an IELTS Trial Test, you will become familiar with the test structure and environment, so when you are ready to take the full test, you can approach it with more confidence.
  • Get valuable feedback so you can improve. An official IELTS test examiner marks your Trial Test, and you will get important feedback on your performance which will help you understand your current level and where you need to improve.

Getting your Trial Test results

After you take your IELTS Trial Test, your results will be available in 13 days.

You can use your Trial Test scores to get an understanding of your current level, however, IELTS Trial Test scores are not official test scores, and can’t be used for academic, immigration or work purposes.

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