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IELTS global research

IELTS is backed by rigorous research. For more than 30 years we have worked to advance the field of English language learning and assessment, funding academic study that helps to continually improve our tests.

Since 1995, the IELTS research programme has provided financial support for over 140 external studies carried out by over 350 researchers from around the world.

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Our research

IELTS is committed to advancing assessment and learning. Here you can find a collection of the latest research carried out by the IELTS Partners and IELTS-supported academics.

Funding and awards

Leading academics and researchers support the continued development and improvement of IELTS by undertaking funded research. Financial support for individual projects is available in the form of funding and awards.

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Research funding

Qualified individuals and institutions are invited to apply for funding to conduct research to support the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

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Awards and scholarships

IELTS offers a range of awards and scholarships to applicants who make a significant contribution to the field of English language testing.

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Previously funded research

Since 1995, IELTS has provided financial support to over 140 studies carried out by more than 350 researchers.

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Call for proposals

IELTS welcomes proposals from educational institutions and individuals in order to undertake research that furthers the field of English language testing.