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Organizations that accept IELTS are given complimentary access to the IELTS Results Service. Secure, free, and simple to use, it helps to ensure the accuracy and validity of applications. Download the Score Delivery Guide (PDF 552 KB) for more information on how to use the IELTS Results Service.


Securely access and download IELTS results submitted to your organization online.


Quickly and easily verify the authenticity of an IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) using our dedicated service.

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Find your nearest designated IELTS USA representative using the map below.

IELTS USA provides information and support to organizations that use IELTS to measure the English language proficiency of international applicants and works with US stakeholders to increase the number of institutions and programs that use the test throughout the US.

US stakeholders with general IELTS inquiries, Test Report Form verification inquiries, or score delivery inquiries may contact the designated IELTS USA representative below:

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Who to Contact

Institutions located in the Midwest and Western United States
Donna Cameron

Institutions located in the Eastern United States
Bolu Oluwadiya

Graduate Programs in the United States
Marianne Schlickeisen

Director, Business Development & Outreach
Gwendolyne Guzmán Rose

General Inquiries from Institutions in the US can be sent to

Test taker inquiries should be directed to the test center where the IELTS test was taken.

If you are a stakeholder or test taker outside of the United States, please contact an IELTS representative from your region or submit an online enquiry form.

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