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2023 Andrea Scott International Graduate Scholarship awardee announcement





Date Published

04 March 2024

The Andrea Scott International Graduate Scholarship Committee at IELTS USA selected Habiba as the 2023 recipient of the annual scholarship. Habiba Rabiu is completing her Masters in International Affairs at The New School, in New York, where she also works with the Global Strategic Litigation Council for Refugees. Habiba will receive US$5000 per year towards completing her graduate studies.

Habiba shares Andrea’s deep engagement with services that directly impact her community and is “witnessing the power of international advocacy for families, thereby aligning with [her] short-term goal of working in international humanitarian spaces.” Habiba “envisions a world where education propels Nigerian girls in rural areas to defy economic and cultural limitations.” Her impact as a teacher and curriculum developer is reflected in the Arty Maker’s Project’s success in helping 1000+ girls and women across Northern Nigeria achieve financial security through crocheting.

Habiba Rabiu - Andrea Scott International Graduate Scholarship 2023 awardee

Habiba credits IELTS for “significantly contributing to my ambition of studying in an English-medium environment by preparing me for the academic demands.” Achieving her desired score also gave a “boost of confidence by validating [her] ability to comprehend and communicate effectively in English, boosting [her] confidence.”

IELTS USA is honored to be able to contribute to Habiba’s personal and professional growth through the Scholarship. The Andrea Scott International Graduate Scholarship was established in 2021 in memory of Andrea Scott, a dedicated international education colleague and Senior Product Champion at IELTS USA. Outside of her work, Andrea dedicated her time to bringing together those impacted by the justice system for artistic collaboration, mutual learning, and growth through the Prison Creative Arts Project.

This scholarship seeks to recognize IELTS test takers admitted to graduate programs in the United States. Applicants will also share Andrea’s inspiring commitment to international education and her passion for globalization, creative arts, and equal rights initiatives.