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29 March 2022

IELTS Online is a new way to take IELTS Academic, the world’s leading English test for international higher education. Test takers will be able to enjoy the convenience of online testing from the comfort of their own home or in a location that suits them best, as they embark on their international study journey.

IELTS Online will become available globally during 2022 and will allow test takers to ‘take it anywhere, to make it anywhere’ by completing the world’s most trusted English test flexibly and securely online.

IELTS Online aims to give more people the opportunity to take the test and is a new, modern and flexible way to take the IELTS Academic test. Test takers can prepare for, book and take the test whenever and wherever it suits them, enhancing their testing experience worldwide.

The test will cover all four skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking and have the same content and format as the existing IELTS Academic test that would be taken at a test centre. IELTS Online includes a face-to-face speaking test, delivered online in real-time by trained IELTS examiners. The IELTS Online test works with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

IELTS Online is another example of how IELTS is adapting to help modernise, grow and strengthen the international education sector and make the world’s leading test more accessible.

IELTS has also invested in a specially developed remote proctoring test platform with an integrated video system and recruited its own IELTS proctors who are trained and managed directly.

IELTS Online, the new way to take IELTS Academic, is initially on limited release as we scale up to meet global demand. As with all online tests, it is not currently accepted for visa and immigration purposes.

For more information, visit IELTS Online.