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IATEFL 2023: IELTS focuses on writing skills for university





Date Published

12 March 2023

IELTS will share expert insights on how teachers can help students to improve their writing skills for university at this year’s annual IATEFL conference in Harrogate, UK in April.

Students studying at English-medium universities need to have sophisticated writing skills, but new students are often unfamiliar with the way that universities expect them to write and this can be a real challenge for students. However, research shows that preparing for the IELTS Academic Writing test can really help students improve their skills in this area. This includes improving students’ ability to organise ideas and opinions, which are key skills when writing essays, papers, and effective arguments.

As part of the IATEFL conference ELT author and IELTS trainer Sarah Philpot will host a session on preparing students for the IELTS Academic Writing task. Sarah will then join Louisa Dunne, Examinations Academic Support Manager from the British Council, for a pop-up talk giving top tips for the IELTS Academic Writing task.

Louisa will also present a separate session on the skills, strategies and tips teachers can take back to the classroom when preparing students for all of the IELTS papers.

Events like IATEFL are an amazing opportunity to meet teachers, recognising organisations and colleagues from around the world, and to share information and ideas. We have invited two excellent speakers to give an in-depth insight into helping students to succeed in IELTS Writing. But it’s not just about giving out information – it’s an opportunity for us to learn. We always come away from conferences with lots of great insights and comments from teachers.

Anna Minett, IELTS Senior Marketing and Stakeholder Relations Manager

The IATEFL annual conference and exhibition 2023, which is now in its 56th year, will bring together thousands of English language teaching professionals from across the world. The team behind IELTS will be available on stand #38, throughout the conference to provide information on the free support materials available for both students and teachers, along with showcases on IELTS Online and IELTS One Skill Retake.

There will also be a presentation to the winner of this year’s Morgan Terry Memorial IATEFL Scholarship, which is held annually to celebrate teachers who have gone that extra mile when preparing students for IELTS.

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