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IELTS remains the world’s most trusted test of English





Date Published

07 December 2023

In a significant milestone, we are delighted to announce that more than 12,000 organisations worldwide now trust IELTS scores. This expanded recognition opens up a broader array of opportunities for test takers globally, including with leading universities, immigration authorities, employers, training organisations, and professional bodies.

Trusted and Reliable

IELTS, the world's most popular English Language test, plays a pivotal role in helping individuals demonstrate their English proficiency for work, study, or residency in English-speaking countries.

Last year alone, we supported a diverse global community, with an average of well over 10,000 tests taken daily. With an unrivalled network of test locations around the world and online tests available in more countries, an IELTS test result has become a key to unlocking a world of opportunities.

We are delighted with the continued trust that organisations and governments put in IELTS; these relationships are at the heart of what we offer. With this new acceptance milestone, we can help even more IELTS test takers to unlock their global opportunities in English-speaking environments.

Christine Nuttall, Managing Director IELTS at Cambridge English

Approaching our 35th year, IELTS remains the standard for a reason. This substantial growth in acceptance reflects the world-class quality, integrity, and reliability that IELTS provides.

  • The stability and consistency of the IELTS scoring scale allows institutions to depend on IELTS results.
  • For millions of people who take an IELTS test every year, our range of testing options available means a fair and reliable assessment every time. (Read more about all the ways to take an IELTS test).

Accepted Worldwide

IELTS is the only test that is currently trusted for migration purposes by the UK, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand governments.

IELTS is also widely accepted by the world’s leading academic institutions including:

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