IELTS test security

IELTS takes security very seriously and we have multiple measures in place to help protect the integrity of IELTS results before, during, and after test day. We understand how important it is that immigration authorities, employers, and educational institutions around the world can rely on an IELTS result, and that test takers can be confident that their IELTS test is fair.

A strict set of protocols and robust systems are in place to safeguard every aspect of the IELTS test. These include:

  • highest security protocols safeguarding the test papers
  • biometric registration of test takers
  • the IELTS Results Verification Service
  • training of test centre staff to identify imposters, detect fraudulent behaviour, and prevent cheating
  • rigorous security processes at test centres
  • routine monitoring of test results before release.

Our multi-layered approach to test security also includes a strict enrolment process that prospective test centres must complete, and strict protocols surrounding test centre operations. Our Examiners are trained, certificated, and monitored. Results are analysed, and test centres are subject to regular audits.

The IELTS Partners work closely with relevant authorities worldwide, including migration and law enforcement agencies, to detect, prevent, and, where appropriate, take legal action against any cheating or fraud attempts in accordance with local laws.