A comparative study of IELTS to ascertain its viability for the Malaysia private secondary school market


Cynthia Celestine

Cheah Su Ming

Geetha Rajaratnam

Date Published:

17th April 2003

This study sought to determine the suitability and viability of introducing the IELTS test to private secondary schools in Malaysia and to determine the most appropriate module for this cohort. The study was conducted with 151 randomly selected students from private colleges in the Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The results from the comparative study of the statistical data showed that secondary school students were able to perform when given either the Academic or General Training module, although it appeared that the candidates with high English proficiency had a tendency to do better in the Academic test. Analysis of the data also strongly suggested that the preparation for the national English language test, SPM 1119 English prepared and equipped the candidates with a good foundation in language skills to do either IELTS module.