The effect of background disciplines on IELTS scores


Cynthia Celestine

Cheah Su Ming

Date Published:

1st November 1999

Three hundred and ninety-eight IELTS candidates were randomly selected from the IDP Education Australia offices in the Klang Valley of Malaysia to participate in an IELTS research project which was carried out to determine whether background discipline had any effect on the scores attained in the IELTS test. The results which were derived from the statistical test: the t-test and the p-value test of significance concluded that in most cases, where English language proficiency levels were high, background disciplines did not significantly influence the IELTS scores attained. However, IELTS scores attained by candidates with average and lower proficiency levels were significantly affected by their background disciplines. In addition, on the question of whether preparation taken will enhance the IELTS scores achieved by candidates with different background disciplines, it was found that the average unprepared candidate stood an equally good chance of attaining the same grade as the average prepared student.