The effect of screencast feedback on the performance of the IELTS essay writing component among pre-service teachers of English: An intervention study in Chile

This study explores the effect of screencast feedback on EFL pre-service teachers’ IELTS essay skills and examines their perceptions of this type of feedback.

This is a two university action research study with the main aim of examining the effect of screencast feedback provision on pre-service teachers’ IELTS essay writing component.

The study followed an action research design that consisted of four written tasks based on the IELTS essay writing component. The study also aimed at identifying students’ perceptions of the provision of screencast feedback on writing.

The results showed a statistically significant improvement regarding the four IELTS writing components: Task response, Coherence and cohesion, Lexical resource, and Grammatical range and accuracy. Participants were able to connect ideas better, made use of a wide range of vocabulary, and used more complex sentence structures. Regarding participants’ perception, it could be noted that they showed a positive perception towards screencast feedback in terms of comprehension, organisation, elaboration of ideas and structural issues.

Finally, it was also observed that most participants preferred screencast feedback over written comments.