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Now you can see exactly what you need to do to achieve your IELTS writing goals.

We are excited to launch a series of videos to explain the key criteria for how the Writing tests are scored. This will help you achieve your IELTS goals sooner.

Examiners use assessment criteria to award a score for each of the following four criteria:

  • Task achievement (for task 1) and task response (for task 2)
  • Coherence and cohesion
  • Lexical resource
  • Grammatical range and accuracy.

Each task is assessed independently. The criteria are weighted equally and the score on the task is the average. The assessment of Task 2 carries more weight in marking than Task 1.

Find out more about the key assessment criteria (PDF 142 KB - 4 pages) and how examiners assess the Writing section (PDF 367 KB - 9 pages).

Watch the following series about how your IELTS Writing test is marked for useful information to help you prepare.

  • Viewer tip: Please view at your own pace by pausing to read the information and adjusting the YouTube Playback speed as required.

General introduction to IELTS Writing

Learn about the IELTS Writing test and get an overview of what will be assessed. This video introduces the Writing tasks and marking criteria, which be covered in more detail in the following videos.

Task achievement for Writing task one – Academic

Discover what to cover in your answer to this task. This video includes the selecting and highlighting of key features as well as providing sufficient detail to illustrate these features. It also discusses using an appropriate format, presenting an overview and reporting information accurately.

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Task achievement for Writing task one – General Training

Find out about the key areas to cover in your letter. This video discusses addressing the bullet points, explaining the purpose of the letter and using an appropriate format and tone.

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Task response (Writing task two)

Learn about the key areas to cover in your essay. This video discusses writing in an appropriate format and providing a clear opening and position as well as a logical conclusion. It also emphasizes the importance of including relevant main ideas, which are extended and supported.

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Coherence and cohesion

Learn how the organisation of your information and ideas is assessed. This video covers paragraphing, logical sequencing within paragraphs, substitution, referencing and linking devices.

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Lexical resource

Discover how your vocabulary is assessed. This video covers topics such as vocabulary range, precision, appropriacy and accuracy as well as spelling and word formation errors.

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Grammatical range and accuracy

Learn how your grammar is assessed. This video covers sentence forms, grammatical errors and punctuation.

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