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Start your future in the US with IELTS.

If you are applying for college or for employment in the USA you may need to prove your level of English. With an IELTS score you have a trusted way to show you meet those requirements.

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Over 3 million IELTS tests are taken every year because people know that IELTS can help them achieve their goals.

IELTS is the English test of choice for educational organisations, professional associations, and employers across the US. In fact, more than 3400 institutions accept our tests, including boarding schools, associate, undergraduate, graduate, professional, and law programs.

It's not just America – IELTS is accepted by governments, educational institutions, and employers across the globe.

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We have test centres all around the world, and you can take an IELTS test in more than 40 official test locations on US community college, university, and language school campuses.

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We want you to do well in your IELTS test, and have a range of materials to help you.